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Innovation With Technology To Fill A Monumental Gap In American Education.

Our plan is to bring retired experts to the area for the purpose of participating in a program to instruct at online filming studios built inside a revolutionary new complex. The complex will fill a monumental gap in society's education from the start of a career all the way to retirement, long after high school or college education ends.


Our proposed American Innovators Training Center Museum will earn the retired participating experts' of the government, academics, business & trades members who come to film and assemble their lesson plans at the complex. Each master will be generating income for themself and the complex with what many call subscription empire categories (online subscription sales of 100% digital products).  


The complex will bring young families to learn hands on and online to work from the planned new complex to help fill this monumental educational gap in society. The final result will compile decades of the participating experts' knowledge that generations of workers will be able to draw from to increase their job skills and efforts to build stronger family economics and strengthen societies.

Online Subscriptions - Web Video / Streaming

The complex will help people apply internet technologies and work to inspire and develop online subscription programs designed to earn and grow the net worth of individuals and communities.

Retired Masters Of Government, Academics, Business & Trades Online Instructors:
Building 100% Digital Products Adds Iconic Power To America.

Design & innovations at the complex will help our community develop products or services and create marketing materials that effectively communicate messages about these 100% digital products or services ready to market to your social media communities.

Below is the rendering of the new logo for the proposed new American Innovators Training Center & Museum.


The participating expert instructors are not just college instructors, they can be experts of any dicipline. The complex editors will create video series of the expert's lifetime of works acquired up to their retirement and beyond. These materials will be filmed, edited, cateloged and published from the complex. The materials will also be filmed both live at the instructors location(s) and at the complex, with all final lesson assemblies edited, packaged, published and sold from the complex's regional and national advertising

To Understand The Clip Above, Watch This Video Full Screen.

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