Revolutionary - Move Your Shop Tools Closer- Save Major Walk Time

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When you purchase our Adamstand™ Fabmaster™ you will save time and increase your efficiency by walking less. You can also earn with every unit you sell by becoming a dealer.

For a limited time, we are offering a dealer program that gives you our wholesale price once you buy a single unit. The next 300 customers who respond to our dealer program have their one time dealer fee included at no additional cost.

The income you can earn per unit sold is strong.  For more information give us a call today.

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Revolutionary - Traditional Workbench Kit - Benchmaster 6™

Revolutionizing the workbench tops, the Benchmaster 6™ kit (below) fits any workbench and adds function to a traditional workbench like never before, adding work holding adjustability for things like your chop saw, grinder or drill press.  Benchmaster 6™ also allows you complete horizontal adjustment for multiple parallel vises or toggle clamps. 




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