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The New Age Technology & Innovations Museum - To Train Future Industry Leaders

The Museum Division

Displayed in the museum will be events of American Innovations historic timeline. The museum section in the front of the building will be an amazing display of digital art imagery and short play loop videos all designed to inspire both young people and our elders to consider making our area their home. Added to that will be our pro motorsports work over decades, replica's of our real race cars like our Indy car, our Nascars that Paul Newman's Godson drove with our name on them, the top fuel dragster the legendary Big Daddy Don Garlits drove with our name on it, our art works for the Smithsonian Legend's Drag Racing Museum and our invention that has been on display for decades, all that cross tie to our limited edition signature series muscle cars and our current work.  Everything from our history and ongoing works will be on display.  As a sample, see our prototype studio at 764 LaGrange Street, South Haven, Michigan where some of our priceless body work is on display. We also plan to invite other amazing innovative business experts in the marine, professional racing and other industry areas to display their entire life's body of works to share with generations in state-of-the-art digital arts museum displays.

The Filming & Digital Arts Division

This section will have multiple booths for sound / filming / editing for capturing the masters or experts lessons relative to specific expertises. Here is where the turn key product of all digital services will be applied to build entertaining and informative instructional lessons to publish for national resale to consumers, helping each retired master instructor generate great earning power for their families.  The program will start from our humble prototype studios in South Haven Michigan & Elkhart Indiana.  Joe Adams and Top Fuel drag racer / owner of Bunker Hill Drag Strip Terry McMillen prepare to launch their live subscription based training programs both regionally and nationwide. The projected earnings for each of the first two master categories generating 12 sales in the top 5,000 of the 30,000 U.S. markets earns $300M. Adams Design owner's Joe & Cheryl Adams had already planned to build and leave the complex to the city of South Haven, regardless of community assistance.

Showcasing American Innovation With Indoor & Outdoor New Age Video Walls.

Imagine seeing Innovator's life's works In just a few minutes, looping 24/7 for everyone to see who is driving by and or walking inside the complex's museum section. Couple that with the most amazing displays inside of the life of a U.S. Inventor's 35 years of work in manufacturing and pro motorsports with a monumental guest list of other amazing innovative business experts.  Then think of the the new projects the young people will do ongoing.  A building Museum section that is alive with ever evolving change, while preserving complex founders location to keep the history in place. This is the promotional display direction Adams Design will complete to build a breathtaking complex of digital arts with state-of-the-art LED video displays like you see in these examples below.

The New Age Manufacturing Complex Will Be An

Amazing Motion & Static Digital Arts Showcase Like These Examples Below

This section of the complex will instruct hands on and live classes for digital arts skills and modern day manufacturing such as robotics, CNC, 3D and large format print production. The section will be right next to a glass museum wall that clearly displays what digital arts can do for a career.

Significant To Re-Building And Selling American Made Products & Services
Important To Hands On Trades, What Are 100% Digital Products?

Just to name a few, billboards, banners, brochures, clothing designs, vehicle graphics, books, magazines, educational video series, service video instructional series, consulting video series, corporate sales tools, motion pictures, documentaries, TV series, radio commercials, audio lesson series etc. The mass production potentials of these products that can travel through the air using the internet to be mass produced are huge. They can be manufactured in one location to ten thousand locations simultaneously. This adds a power to traditional hands on trades or services that is monumentally important to rebuilding America's businesses in communities. The new age complex will help people apply internet technologies and work to inspire and develop their online subscription programs designed to earn and grow the net worth of individuals and their communities.   - U.S. Inventor Joe Adams 

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