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Telling The Nation With Our Planned TV Series - "The Story Of Hand Built"
A Tool To Help Our National Trades Force Movement.

We will film the build of the new age complex and all of its divisions to drive workers to our area as we promote the importance of trades. We will feature South Haven and the regional area companies like our worldwide manufacturers for Adamstand™ Workbenches.  The shows will tell the nation of their humble beginnings to worldwide manufacturing reach.


The show will be also be used to drive the best retired master instructors to South Haven to join our team and enhance their family endowments. Our TV series will be created and ready to air on any computer website, streaming or cable TV network and will be online explaining the vital importance of our trades force.

Coming In 2025 - Below See Our Trailer For The Series - "The Story Of Hand Built." 

The Shows Will Always Have Powerful Messages To Inspire Young Parents To Teach The Monumental Value & Importance Of Our Trades.
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